Tips To Have Peace Of Mind

Improving Mental Health
Improving Mental Health
Improving Mental Health
Improving Mental Health

Mental wellness plays a paramount role in deciding your physical wellness. If your mind is a storm, you can expect your body to be the rumble left behind by the storm. In the hectic fast-paced life that we are a part of, the act of taking a minute to calm down and reflect, seems to be a forgone practice. Most of the time, we are so overburdened by the work or the lack thereof, we are left in tatters over ‘what could go wrong’ rather than what has gone wrong.

This sense of foreboding often limits us and can be the cause of a huge drop in productivity. It is this anxiety that needs to be addressed. We will be going through some tried and tested mental healthtips to help you gain a better hand at managing the weight on your shoulders. Read on…

Stand Up!

Workplaces are increasingly turning into stationary spots before the table, tapping away at the keyboard for a good 9-12 hours each day. This can get monotonous and mentally fatiguing after a while. Simply stand up, to get the blood flowing around your body. Even better would be to take a walk around and chat up some colleagues-keeping in mind not to disturb them if they seem busy!

Get Some Vitamin D

Getting some sunlight never hurt anyone. Filling in your daily Vitamin D limit will help in promoting overall health and nutrients. At least get around 30 minutes of sun, preferably without any sunscreen. You will feel energized and refreshed!

Green Up Your House

Fill in more houseplants to help cleanse and better aerate the indoor air. It will help in improving your mood, creativity and your ability to solve problems.

Sweat It Out Everyday

Get your running shoes out and get some fresh air. Be it anything-running, jogging, cycling, yoga, dancing…it doesn’t matter, just sweat it out. Your body will produce stress relieving hormones and you will feel in a better mood as a result, improving mental health.

Start Your Day With A Veggie Smoothie

Having a tall glass of veggie smoothie first thing in the morning can help act as an on-the-go breakfast. There is no better way to get the greens in you and kick start your gut with an easily digestible task, first thing in the morning.

All of this combined with a positive mindset will help you on your journey to mental calmness and wellness, faster than you can imagine!